The “Match & Meet” Onsite Matchmaking (Event) will encompass four different modules to suit the specific needs of a different target audience.

The modules will include a selection of various participation formats according to requests and needs with differentiated service packages. For more detailed information on the different modules put in place, please click on any of the links below:

  • Match & Meet Customised Tables;
  • Match & Meet Executive Rooms ;
  • Match & Meet Executive Lounges;
  • Match & Meet Delegation Lounge.

While each of the modules will include a selection of the above mentioned infrastructure, the benefits that will remain common to all the modules are the tailor-made business-development opportunities at an international scale. The Onsite Matchmaking Coordination Unit will work closely with every participant to find suitable potential partners for the companies. The approach will result into a combination of requested meetings from the participating companies in addition to a high-quality targeted search for complementary potential prospects to choose from. Furthermore, the organiser will conduct 2 rounds of evaluation to monitor the results of the companies and to support future business dialogues for the participants if required.

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