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The b2fair matchmaking event at MIDEST 2012 in practice:

STEP 1: Register online at www.b2faironline.com/midest2012. Create your company profile and define your company´s requirements. After validation by your local partner organisation, your cooperation profile will be published in the online catalogue of the event.
NB : Your cooperation profile has to be completed in ENGLISH!!!.
STEP 2: From the online catalogue, fix your meetings with the companies you desire to meet. After transmission of your username and password (access codes) by your local partner organisation, go to the section Your Meeting Requests; proceed to the booking of your individual meeting requests.
STEP 3: Based on your indicated preferences, your personalised business meetings will be arranged with your prospective business partners according to your specific concerns and common interests.
STEP 4: A few days prior to the event, you will receive your provisional appointment schedule. At the event, your individual meeting schedule will be updated regularly. You can ask your updated appointment schedule at any time at the b2fair Info Counter.
STEP 5: Meet your potential business partners to discuss common areas of interest and to explore the possibility of mutual cooperation and opportunities for the development of future bilateral projects.

Registration procedure

Deadline for registration: 1st November 2012

You can register directly online under the section Registration of our website or on the official website of the trade fair under www.midest.com.

Presentation of your cooperation profile: After your registration for the b2fair matchmaking event, your entry in the b2fair Business Cooperation System will be processed and compiled within 3 working days of receipt of your registration. Once submitted, the cooperation profiles of all the registered companies can be viewed in the section Online Catalogue of the official website of the “b2fair MIDEST Paris 2012” matchmaking event.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your profile has to be compiled in the English language. In case of need for assistance, your local partner organisation or the team of the b2fair Coordination Unit can help you in the translation of the respective texts.

Confirmation of your registration: Every company participating in the “b2fair MIDEST Paris 2012” matchmaking event will receive a written electronic confirmation of its registration to the event as well as the access codes (username and password) required to book individual appointments with desired companies in the section Your meeting requests of this website.

Quality check / Validation of your cooperation profile: Your cooperation profile will be checked and validated before being posted online. If changes to your cooperation profile are deemed as necessary, your local partner organisation and/or the ´b2fair´ COORDINATION UNIT of the event will contact the parties concerned.

Online Catalogue: All the registered and validated cooperation profiles will be displayed in the online catalogue of the event. To access and consult the single cooperation profiles, please click here: Online Catalogue.

Selection of your individual meeting requests: As a participant in the professional meeting platform “b2fair MIDEST Paris 2012”, you have the possibility to book your personal meeting requests by using your access codes (→ username & password) which have been transmitted to you by your local partner organisation shortly after the validation of your inscription to the event. In order to proceed to the booking of your meeting requests, we invite you to visit the section Your meeting requests of our website.

Besides, you will have the possibility to extend the time of your individual meetings, as long as from both sides no other upcoming appointments have been scheduled. The meeting place, the counterpart as well as the exact time of your respective meetings are always indicated in your individual appointment scheme.

Moreover, while planning your meeting requests, you can rely on the assistance of your local partner organisation. To list the coordinates of all the associated partner organisations to the event, please visit the section Partner List of our website.